Hurricanes can be brutal to both you and your property. As some of the most shocking and costly natural disasters known to man, preparing your property and family before a hurricane (instead of after) is a smart option. Planning for any storm, and knowing what to do after a hurricane passes, are essential to helping you protect your business, community or home, as well as keeping your friends and family safe and secure.

A Hurricane Happened – Now What?

First and foremost, it is always best to wait for confirmation from your local authorities that the storm has indeed passed. Once it has been confirmed that it is safe to go outside, you can then start to assess any damage to your home or property. Be sure to avoid any downed power lines, and never touch anything in contact with them (such as water puddles) as this can be extremely dangerous. Along with power lines, be wary of any gas lines that might’ve cracked or broken and immediately report it to the gas company if you suspect a leak.

Assess Your Property

Once you have surveyed your property, board up any broken windows and arrange for short-term repairs to deter any additional weather damage or vandalism. Keep detailed records of your bills, receipts and expenses for your insurance company. Try not to make any permanent repairs until your claim professional has reviewed the damage.

A smart idea is to create a list of any damaged contents inside your property. Include details and descriptions such as: name of the manufacturer, brand name, item’s age, as well as the place and date of purchase if you can remember. If you have any supporting images or video of the items that are damaged, be sure to also include that in your claim.

Don’t forget that animals like snakes and other reptiles may have taken up residence inside your property. Especially if it has been flooded or incurred water damage, don’t be surprised to find a slithering friend making himself comfy.

If you feel that your property may still be unsafe due to broken objects, damaged tree limbs or other structural damages, contact your insurance company to discuss finding temporary lodging. Be sure to include appropriate signage around your property to identify any hazardous conditions for yourself and people working on your home.

Restoring Your Landscape

Restoring or even improving your landscape after a storm is no easy task; especially if the hurricane hit your neighborhood particularly hard. Depending on the amount of damage to your property’s landscape, you may want to consider hiring a team of experts. With felled trees or branches and large debris that may have destroyed your landscape and cause hazardous situations, consulting with an experienced landscaping team will help you quickly and efficiently get your property looking picture perfect again. Not to mention help you avoid fines.

At Cutters Edge Pro we are expert landscape designers and have years of experience in dealing with your property’s landscape both before and after a major storm. Contact us today!