Wind And Storm Damage

Wind and storm damage is never fun to deal with. Wind can take down trees, power lines, and even cause water leaks in your home. Windstorms are just as bad! If you need help restoring the damages done by these powerful forces of nature, give us a call.

How Can You Protect Your Home From Wind Damage?

Look for rot and damage to tree trunks and branches. Check that fences are stable, move patio furniture away from the house, remove dead branches from the ground around the home exterior, get rid of all vegetation that might end up flying and hitting the home, and remove any debris from your yard.

Make sure your trees are regularly pruned and trimmed. It is so important to keep up with this! Wind can take down a full-grown tree in just seconds if it’s not kept free of dead or dying branches that could fall during strong winds. If you need help pruning your trees, our team can help you!

Make sure that water is drained away from the home. You want to ensure that no debris or standing water can pool near structures where it could potentially cause damage. If you have drainage problems, let us know, so we can fix them for you before an upcoming windstorm hits.

How Do Windstorms Cause Power Outages?

Winds can cause power outages if they’re strong enough to take down a tree and it lands on or near the electric lines in your area.

What Happens If A Tornado Strikes?

If a tornado strikes, you should head to your nearest safe room or basement and stay there until it passes. We advise taking shelter elsewhere in your home.

What If A Tornado Directly Strikes Your Home?

If a tornado directly strikes your home, you should stay away from windows and head for the lowest part of the house. If possible, get under something sturdy like heavy furniture or workbench.

How To Prepare For A Lightning Storm?

When lightning strikes, it can travel through your home’s electrical system or plumbing. If this happens to you, we advise having a professional come out and inspect the damage.

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