Hurricane Season

In 2021, 17 storms and 4 hurricanes are expected to come according to a forecast from a reliable source. In the previous year, Florida dodged the hazards brought by hurricanes after experiencing no landfall at all. 30 named storms formed in the previous year’s season, but this year got Colorado State University alarmed. The said university has predicted eight hurricanes and four major hurricanes on top of the listed named storms.

The hazard of a hurricane in Florida might be intensified by the lack of preparedness for this year’s hurricane season. Philip Klotzbach, a hurricane researcher, believes that the lack of preparation might happen because the state dodged so many in 2020 in the hurricane season. FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell suggests visiting sites like and to be guided in preparing for hurricanes now.

Hurricane Updates

There have been 121 hurricanes since 1851 in Florida. The sunny state might have some to come this year according to Klotzbach. He said that the forecasted eight hurricanes for 2021 may guarantee that the number of hurricanes in Florida will be one or more this year. Scientists in Colorado State expect that Florida will be stricken with a hurricane at 45 percent.

Colorado State’s prediction agrees with the most reliable forecasts. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration foresees 13 to 20 named storms, 6 to 10 hurricanes, and 3 to 5 major hurricanes this year. AccuWeather details 16 to 20 named storms this year, not as many as last year’s but still needs to be prepared for.

On May 23, Hurricane Ana formed but weakened the next day. The rest of the Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names for 2021 are listed below:

• Bill
• Claudette
• Danny
• Elsa
• Fred
• Grace Henri
• Ida
• Julian
• Kate
• Larry
• Mindy
• Nicholas
• Odette
• Sam
• Teresa
• Victor
• Wanda

Hurricane in Florida

Tampa-St. Petersburg being prone to storm surge needs to caution itself for any Florida storm coming this year. Tampa Bay usually suffers a direct hit according to Klotzbach. This year is the centennial anniversary of the hurricane that hit Tampa Bay in 1921. The Tampa Bay Hurricane was also known as the 1921 Tarpon Springs Hurricane.

In November last year, a storm in Florida named Eta made landfall and caused flooding around Tampa General Hospital and homes on Shore Drive E in Oldsmar. St. Petersburg’s Shore Acres did not escape the inundation. Street signs were broken by the gusts of wind.

Klotzbach hopes that residents will take the warnings responsibly before the hurricane season. He further warns that a plan should be ready in place. A well-built house can hide someone from the wind, but the storm surge provides no escape. Low lying areas need to pay attention to evacuation warnings. Emergency supplies must be ready along with a first aid kit.

Forecasts have become more and more accurate every year. Last year’s pre-season forecast of an “extremely active” season came true in 2020. Klotzbach said that the closer we get to July, the more the predictions happen accurately.