How to Survive a Hurricane?


Hurricanes one of the most devastating natural disasters known to mankind. Preparing your family and home before the storm hits is one of the best ways to ensure your property and loved ones stay as safe and protected as possible.

However, sometimes the worst does happen and you may find yourself unprepared and caught in a hurricane. What should you do next? Keep scrolling to learn more of our top tips for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe until the worst is over.

Hurricane Preparedness Plan

As mentioned earlier, the best way to survive a hurricane is to be prepared. There are numerous ways you can prepare your home for an incoming tropical storm or hurricane but we’ve listed the most important advice below:

  • Trim trees or bushes to minimize the chance of broken branches or debris destroying your property.
  • Clear out your rain gutters and downspouts to prevent misdirected flooding.
  • Install permanent storm shutters to your door and windows if you have the budget and time. If not, board up your windows and doors with plywood. Do not tape your windows as this will not prevent your windows from breaking.
  • Keep a well-supplied emergency kit in case your home loses power. Be sure to include prescription medication, cash, and enough food and water for three days.

Be sure to listen to your local authorities. If they ask you to evacuate, even if you had been prepared to hunker down, do so immediately and follow their instructions.

What Should You Do During a Hurricane

No matter how well prepared you are, sometimes Mother Nature will catch you unaware. If you are caught in a hurricane and have not evacuated, the best thing to do is go to a safe room. Ideally, this is a room on the first floor of the property you’re in that is in the interior of the home and has no windows.

If you do not have a safe room, the next best thing is to stay indoors and put yourself as far away from any windows or doors as possible. Close any interior doors in the property and secure or brace any external doors. Next, keep any curtains or blinds closed. This will help block as much debris as possible if the windows do break. Don’t be fooled if there is a brief period of calm – this is likely the eye of the storm and the winds will pick up again. Finally, lie on the floor under a sturdy object or table until the storm has passed.

After a Hurricane

The most important thing right after a hurricane is to make sure your friends and family are safe. Recovering can be a gradual process, so try not to get too overwhelmed. If you want to make sure the exterior of your home is as prepared as possible, contact the experienced team at Cutters Edge. With their years of experience working in South Florida, Cutters Edge knows what homeowners need to keep their homes and loved ones safe.