Ornamental grasses are a great way to add personality and drama to your home’s landscaping. From pampas grass to fountain grass, ornamental grasses can inject some drama and personality into your home. They are also relatively low-maintenance once established. Keep reading to learn our top picks when considering what Florida ornamental grasses to add to your property.

Best Types of Florida Ornamental Grass for Landscaping 

Choosing an ornamental grass that works well for your property and the particular space in your landscaping is very important. Ornamental grasses take up a lot of space, so carefully consider their placement, so it doesn’t accidentally overwhelm nearby flowers or plants. Below are our top five picks for Florida ornamental grass that will help your landscaping stand out. 

Pampas Grass 

Pampas grass has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. With large white plumes and an impressive height, pampas grass is a guaranteed show stopper for any landscaping project. This ornamental grass is best for filling large open areas with a good deal of sun. It handles cold well, is moderately salt-tolerant, and is said to be deer-resistant. Be sure to plant away from any walkway or driveway as pampas grass leaves can be very sharp. 

Red Fountain Grass 

Otherwise known as Purple Fountain Grass, red fountain grass not only grows to roughly five to seven feet, it has beautiful maroon-red leaves with purple-beige plumes. Cold-hardy and a fan of partial sun, this ornamental grass doesn’t get too large, so it’s great in a mixed garden bed. Be sure to cut it back in the spring and fall to help keep its color consistent and looking splendid all year long. 

Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass 

Also known as “Florida Gama Grass”, this mounded grass looks like a beefed-up version of green liriope. Dwarf fakahatchee grass produces brownish-red flower spikes in the summer but is better known as ornamental grass that is easy to care for and has an attractive form. Dwarf fakahatchee grass is native to Florida and doesn’t mind having “wet feet”, so it’s often used to edge water features or ponds. 

Zebra Grass 

Zebra grass grows about six feet tall and wide and is known for its horizontal cream or yellow “stripes” of green grass. This Florida grass is cold-hardy and best in part or full sun. 

Tiger Grass

Another grass named after an animal, tiger grass can grow up to eight feet tall and wide and looks very similar to bamboo. Many homeowners use this Florida grass to fill the corner of their garden or as a privacy screen. Tiger grass likes to be watered regularly and grows best in partial shade.


If you’re interested in improving your property’s landscaping with some spectacular ornamental grass, you may want to speak to experienced professionals who can guide you in selecting and purchasing the type of ornamental grass that would work best for your home. At Cutters Edge, we pride ourselves on having decades of experience and can provide our clients with total landscape solutions. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping budgets and goals.