Landscaping 101: What It Is and the Types of Landscaping

Simply said, landscaping is everything on your property that stands outside of the home itself. In order for any act to qualify as ‘landscaping’, you must be making improvements (or maintaining past improvements) of a property’s grounds. These improvements can either be practical or aesthetic. Even if you can’t see a particular feature, but it is critical to the maintenance of the landscape such as irrigation or drainage systems, then this should be counted as part of the landscaping system of the home.

If you’re new to property ownership, or you’ve owned many homes but never invested time or energy into landscaping, then keep reading. This blog article will answer all your basic questions about what goes into landscaping, and the different types that can be achieved.

Before You Begin Landscaping

Before any landscaping project begins, you should always ask yourself if you plan on staying at the property forever, or will you someday place it back on the market? Once you answer this question, you can streamline your priorities and establish an overarching theme for your landscaping projects. If the property is your forever home, you only need to worry about your own tastes and likes. However, if you believe your property will one day be back on the market, you’ll want to think of ‘curb appeal’. You may want to landscape your home to appeal to the broadest possible segment of home buyers.

Landscaping Aesthetics

Should a house and its landscaping be harmonious with each other? This is something every landscape designer has to consider when they begin. Landscaping decisions such as plant selection and arrangement, or whether to build a brick versus a wood patio, all depend on whether or not you believe your landscaping should flow seamlessly with the outside of your home or contrast it. For example, can you still landscape your home in a ‘cottage-garden’ style if you live in a new build? This will all go back to the point above. If it’s your forever home, you can do as you please. If you think you may sell in the future, you’ll probably want to make sure your landscaping is as complimentary as possible to the architectural home design.

Where to Find Landscaping Ideas

There’s plenty of different places to find landscaping inspiration. We’ve listed a few below, but inspiration can really come from anywhere:

  • Magazines, books, television and the internet can provide a wealth of information about what’s currently popular.
  • Look at what others are doing in your neighborhood, or a more upscale neighborhood.
  • Real estate agents see loads of different homes all the time and can advise you on what types of landscaping are on trend at the moment.
  • Consult a professional in the landscape design field.

If you’re interested in landscape design and want to upgrade your property’s curb appeal, contact the professionals at Cutters Edge. Contact them today to discuss the different options you have to achieve your landscaping goals.