Spring is just around the corner. With warm spring and summer sunshine on its way, there will be plenty to do and enjoy outside in your backyard. From relaxing in your garden while soaking up the sunlight to entertaining guests and hosting parties, the warmer months and longer days mean more time spent outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Keep reading to learn some useful spring flowers ideas and spring landscape preparation if you live in Weston.

As the cold winter starts to wrap up, you may want to consider your spring flowers and spring landscape preparation if you haven’t already. Especially on the exterior of your home or property, spring flowers can help draw focus to certain aspects of your home or help frame a doorway or windows. While there are endless options when it comes to picking what types of spring flowers to decorate your home with, depending on where you live, some flowers are easier to maintain than others. If you’ve recently purchased a property in Weston, or you’re looking to liven up your existing landscaping, choosing spring flowers that thrive in the Florida climate can make a ton of difference when it comes to the maintenance and overall aesthetic of your landscaping.

Spring Landscape Preparation Tips

Your landscaping will need increased mowing and maintenance in a few short weeks as it moves from winter hibernation to spring growth. Now is the perfect time to get started on prepping your lawn and landscape for the bloom of spring and summer.

  • Mulch your landscape – Rake up any fallen or dead leaves on your property and get mulch in your flower beds. If old mulch is starting to matt, remove it as this will prevent water and nutrients from getting to the roots of your plants.
  • Prep your irrigation – If you have any irrigation system set up for your home, now is the time to double-check everything is working correctly. You don’t want to find out your irrigation system is broken once the hot spring and summer sunshine starts to dry out your lawn.
  • Re-sod if you need it – If you have any bare patches or weak areas in your lawn, now is the time to re-sod. Having a fuller lawn will prevent weeds from finding a home in your lawn and avoid erosion.
  • Talk to your landscape professionals – When in doubt, call your trusted landscape professionals to clarify any doubts or questions you may have. If you have any specific goals for your landscaping for that year, now is the time to discuss what you want so they can create a plan of action for you.  

Spring Flower Ideas for Weston

As Weston’s mild winter gives way to a beautiful spring, you’ll see many types of spring flowers start to blossom. Here are some of our favorite spring flowers that look great adorning any Florida property or home.

  • Azaleas – These attractive shrubs only bloom once in the spring but come in various colors such as purple, pink, and white. Many Weston homeowners will choose these for their garden to create privacy, fill in space, and look beautiful.
  • Beach Sunflower – While these flowers can be found year-round, their lovely 2-inch daisy or sunflower-like blossom is a welcome pop of color for any property. They are exceptionally hardy flowers and can handle hot and dry conditions.
  • Purple Coneflower – Perennial natives to Florida, the Purple Coneflowers not only look good but attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds throughout the spring.
  • Tickseed – The sunny, yellow Tickseed is the official wildflower of Florida. While it has a smaller bloom than some spring flowers, it loves bright sunshine making it a low-maintenance bloom for any homeowner.

Are you looking to add a splash of color to your landscaping? Not sure where to begin? Our landscape professionals at Cutters Edge have years of experience working with all types of plants and flowers that work well in Florida’s climate. When working with Cutters Edge, you can expect excellence – no matter the landscaping project. Contact us today to discuss how to turn your landscaping dreams into reality.