Landscaping Inspiration to Help You Reinvent Your Home

If you’ve ever redecorated the interior of a home, you know how making small changes like a fresh coat of paint or improving the lighting, can add up to a big difference. The same goes when you start to enhance and improve the exterior. Small changes like mulching your garden beds, or adding flower borders, can make your landscaping appear to be an extension of your home, rather than just a patch of lawn on the front and back of your house.

Whether you’ve recently purchased a home and want to redesign the landscaping, or you just want to reinvigorate the landscape design of your current home, this blog article is for you! Keep scrolling to learn more about the different options you have to help give your property and landscaping a facelift.

Spread Mulch or Rock

A simple yet effective way to polish up your landscaping is to add mulch between your planted flowers, trees or shrubs. Not only does putting it up against your home provide an eye-pleasing color contrast, it can also help prevent weeds, deters some pests and helps retain soil moisture. You do have to replace mulch every few years, but it helps brighten up you yard every time you do replace it. Rock is a more expensive but a more permanent option that also gives a luxurious feel to your landscaping.

Plant Perennials

The gift that keeps on giving. Perennial flowers and shrubs come back every year for a visit to perk up your landscape design. Since every species of plant blooms at a different time, you can strategically coordinate and place different types of flowers and shrubs around your yard so that you have blooms all year long.

Tidy Up

This may seem obvious but making sure your yard and garden are as tidy as possible will really give a ‘glow up’ to your landscaping. A lawn that is freshly mowed, neatly framed shrubs or trees, and decks or pathways (and even the siding on the house) that have been pressure washed and restored to their former glory can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your home.

Frame Your Home

Why not add a pop of color to the exterior of your home with hanging planters, potted plants or boxed window planters?  All of these options can help draw the eye to parts of your landscaping you want to emphasize. What’s great too is that every year you can try something new to see what flowers or plants work best with your home.

If you’ve recently purchased a property that could use a landscaping upgrade but don’t know where to begin, contact the experienced professionals at Cutters Edge. No matter what size budget or lawn you have, Cutters Edge can help make your landscaping dreams a reality. Contact them today to discuss your options and start enjoying the landscape you always wanted.