Although palm trees appear to be sturdy and easy to care for, they are extremely susceptible to environmental changes and over pruning. On palms, it is very easy to excessively fertilize or apply the incorrect fertilizers. Overwatering or underwatering palm trees, as well as incorrect trimming, can result in irrevocable damage to their trunks. You can cause major damage by cutting into the palm or attempting to form a tight boot to give them the famous pineapple look.

‘Hurricane cuts,’ or cutting over a parallel line of 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock; and ‘candle sticking,’ a palm are two very common pruning blunders made by amateurs: both of these approaches will cause the palm’s health to deteriorate, and if a gardener is found trimming in this manner, a substantial fine may be imposed. The less fronds and leaves you remove during your annual or biannual palm tree trimming, the better. The majority of the nutrients in palms and trees come from a process called photosynthesis, which turns light energy into chemical energy. You can disturb the fuel generation process that palms and trees require to grow and thrive if you remove too many of their leaves.

One of the most dangerous jobs is tree trimming. Hiring a professional and insured provider to undertake your annual or bi-annual pruning jobs is highly advised. Tree pruning is 10 times more likely to kill or maim you than getting struck by lightning or performing DIY roofing work.

Below are some of the associated dangers:

Falling Tree Branches

Of course, falling branches aren’t the only danger that can arise when felling a tree on your own. There’s always the possibility that the person pruning the tree will trip and fall. The height at which a fall from a tree can injure your back, arms, or knees has a lot to do with it. If you land on your neck or on a sharp branch, even a short fall from a younger tree might be fatal. A professional tree maintenance worker is more likely to be prepared for these threats than even the most cautious tree owner.


Electrical lines are a common source of problems for tree trimming professionals. Power wires can fall under your chainsaw blade without notice if they are hidden inside or under branches, or among thick branches. This type of event can result in injuries ranging from burns and disfigurement to being knocked out of the tree and even death. Professionals are aware of when and how to disconnect electricity lines at their source. While a private tree owner may have a basic understanding of how an electrical system works, they are rarely licensed to work on or control it. Any injuries that occur as a result of this type of labor are almost usually completely avoided if the homeowner hires specialists.

Injury from Tools

Another issue with do-it-yourself tree removal is the risk of injuring oneself with unsafe tools. Complex chainsaw motors, wood chippers, cranes, and pulleys are all susceptible to failure. When dealing with these tools, special protection clothing and precautions must be used. If you’ve been trained in specialized first aid, you can help limit the harm if an incident happens. It’s advisable to leave this type of work to someone who is experienced in dealing with such situations.

Rotting Wood

The issue of rotting wood is one of the most typical issues with DIY tree trimming. When a landscaper goes in to cut down a tree, the first thing they should look for is decaying or weaker branches. Limp or weak areas can be found at any point along a branch, and a weakened limb has a good risk of snapping under your weight without notice. The apparent dangers of suddenly falling out of a tall tree are obvious. Don’t put your health or well-being at risk by attempting tree work on your own. Do the prudent thing and delegate the task to a professional.

We strongly recommend…

It is critical to hire a professional that has the necessary expertise and training to keep your palms. Professionals will be able to understand each municipality’s standards and will have the proper certificates and licenses to obtain any essential paperwork, such as permits or mitigation requirements.

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