Whether you are a pet owner or not, fleas and ticks might be a hassle if you have a landscape. Especially now that quarantine is sort of over you will want to enjoy some time on the grass under the beautiful summer sun, particularly if you have pets.

So, have you treated your lawn against these pesky creatures yet?

When your pets are out on your lawn they may not always be bitten by these pests but they can track them into your home so it is important to treat and control them.


Fleas love warm, humid weather which means that a South Florida’s summer is the perfect environment for them to thrive. They can reproduce quickly, and they can be really difficult to get rid of. One of the first signs your pet has fleas is “flea dirt” – black flea droppings left on your pet’s coat. This is a sign you should be treating your lawn and your pet for fleas.  Check with your vet for the best flea protection for your pets.


Ticks are capable of spreading infectious diseases like Lyme disease, so prompt removal of ticks from your pet is important. With the increase in ticks and Lyme disease it is more important than ever to treat your yard and lawn especially if it borders forested areas.

Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

Getting rid of this type of pests is not an easy task. There are many tips and actions you can take in order to control them but usually the safest and most effective way is hiring a professional.

Mowing and pruning your yard is usually a good idea. Although they sound like simple tasks, sometimes, they can be time-consuming and complex. Incorrect pruning can lead you to some hefty fines depending of the are where you live or at least they will take away enjoyment time for you and your family.

Usually a well-kept and properly maintained landscape will keep these animals at bay. However, once you realize you have an actual infestation, chemicals are your best bet.

Here is where things get tricky. Most companies would tent the entire area and spray with unhealthy and dangerous chemicals for you, your family and your pets. You need to make sure to hire a company that knows how to specifically target and get rid of this particular pest while using the less invasive and safest methods possible. That is what Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is all about.

Our Integrated Pest Management Services provides our customer with effective pest control at a minimum exposure to animals and people. We use the highest quality biological and chemical treatment to control pests and enhance the health and vigor of your turf, trees, palms and landscape.

Our treatments are applied only in infected areas and are designed to minimize the loss of beneficial insects and minimal negative effect to the environment.

If you think you could have these in your property, report them! However, any other invasive species or insect in your landscpae make sure to protect it properly and give us a call for a FREE Estimate. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPS) service will help with:

  • Landscape Pest Control
  • Arbor Pest Treatment
  • Palm Pest Treatment
  • Landscape Fertilization
  • Arbor Fertilization
  • Systemic Treatment
  • White Fly Treatment
  • Specimen Palm Treatment
  • Fire Ant Treatment
  • Bee Removal