Florida Friendly Landscaping for Property Managers and Homeowners w/ Dr. Mike Orfenedes

Landscape maintenance is often a major expense for communities because the appearance of yards and common areas is aesthetically important to the residents, can enhance the community’s reputation for being well-maintained, and protects property values. Healthier, longer-living plants provide valuable services like air and water filtration, carbon sequestration, temperature reduction, and aesthetic enhancement. By carefully contracting these services, property owners can save money, improve the community’s appearance, and extend the life of landscape plants.

The conservation and protection of Florida’s water resources starts at home. Homeowners’ landscaping choices can affect the health of ground and surface waters and the natural environment. The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Homeowner program educates homeowners about how to design, install, and maintain healthy landscapes that use a minimum of water, fertilizer, and pesticides. The result? Low-cost, low-maintenance, attractive landscapes that add value to your community and reduce the chance of polluting the water supply.

So, the big question is: How do you know you are hiring the right landscaping company?

The university of Florida has put together a very comprehensive guide to help Florida property managers on how to choose and contract the appropriate landscape company. Including a checklist and drafted language for contracts. You can download the guide clicking the button below:

In our podcast we spoke about Florida Friendly Landscaping with Mike Orfanedes, PHD from the UF/IFAS Broward Extension Commercial Horticultural programs. Listen to learn how to ensure your community landscape is Florida Friendly and more. Listen to our podcast below: