Are you a property owner that’s properly watered, weeded and cared for your lawn but it still looks desperate? Every year hundreds of Florida homeowners deal with the exact same type of problem – bugs. However, identifying what type of lawn pest you have is the most crucial step in understanding how you can control and eventually eliminate these pesky critters from your lawn or garden.

It’s no surprise that different types of lawn will attract different types of Florida lawn pests. If you suspect that insects may be causing damage to your landscaping, but you’re not sure which one, then keep reading to learn more about Florida’s most common lawn pests. It’s always wise to let professionals landscapers like Cutters Edge deal with the actual treatment to your lawn, but knowing which type of pest may be the culprit can get the ball rolling faster. 

Chinch Bug

If you have a turf variety known as “St. Augustine” then the chinch bug may be your problem. Chinch bugs feed on the leaves of St.Augustine grass and their early feeding activity can look like a dry patch on your lawn. Chinch bugs are extremely tiny and usually require a magnifying glass to identify properly. However, if this pest is caught and eliminated early, some extra fertilizer for your turf should restore it to new in no time.

If you don’t catch these bugs in time though they can completely destroy your lawn. They like to return the same areas year after year, so taking preventative measures is a good way to control and eliminate this pest.

Mole Crickets

Zoysia, Bermuda and Centipede lawns are the most common types of turf that are plagued by mole crickets; although St.Augustine grass can be affected by this pest as well. Mole crickets destroy your lawn by consuming the roots of your lawn and tunneling, which can lead to issues with future grass growth.

Adult mole crickets are very difficult to treat.Breaking the life cycle of these pests is the best way to control their numbers and eventually eliminate them from your landscaping.


Ticks are most commonly encountered in tall grass of any variety. Ticks are especially worrisome for property owners as they can pass on some serious diseases to any person they bite like ticks-lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Lyme disease can be a chronic disease that causes inflammation of your joints, so having a professional company identify and treat any tick infestations to your lawn or garden is highly recommended.

White Grubs

These pests are actually the larvae of a specific type of beetle and are very common in Florida. In the late summer, fall and early spring, these larvae destroy your lawn by eating the roots of your grass when it is at its most nutrient rich. 

Fire Ants

Did you know fire ants have destroyed over 275 million acres of land in the U.S. over the last 76 years? Not only that, fire ants can inflict a bite onto humans that is very painful and itchy that can last up to ten days. For those that are allergic to these insects, these pests can be more than just irritating. Fire ant bites can cause rashes, swelling, paralysis and anaphylactic shock. 

If you believe you have one of these pests, or any other insect infestation, then taking the leap to use a professional lawn care team may be your best option. With over 150 years of combined landscape experience, the qualified team at Cutters Edge will be able to help you quickly and efficiently identify and manage any pest problem you have. Contact them today for a free estimate. 

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