Whether you own a single-family home, townhouse or condominium, you should give outdoor lighting the same consideration as your indoor lighting. After all, exterior lighting has so many benefits.

  • Provides increased safety after dark. In addition to making it easier to maneuver around the outside of your home, it helps to thwart crime.


  • Enables way finding (seeing how to get from one location to another).


  • Creates a warm welcome when family and guests enter the front door.


  • Highlights and adds drama to interesting landscape or architectural features.


  • Helps to create comfortable and communal surroundings, such as a defined seating or entertainment area.


  • Enables outdoor grilling at night—particularly useful during seasons when it gets darker earlier.


  • Increases curb appeal—not only while you live in your home, but when you decide to sell.


But these benefits aren’t givens just through the mere presence of outdoor lighting. To make the most of them, your outdoor lighting scheme needs to be carefully considered and executed.

Want to learn more about outdoor lighting? listen to our podcast with David Arredondo who is the Business Development Specialist in Landscape Lighting for Horizon Distributors.