Maintaining your lawn in Florida is no small task. From sandy soil, to rainy and dry seasons, Floridian homeowners will tell you that Florida’s climate makes it extremely difficult to watering Your Lawn. Are you new to Florida and looking to keep your lawn in tip top shape? Or maybe you’ve lived in Florida all your life but never had to irrigate and maintain a lawn before? Don’t worry! Keep scrolling to read our list below of top tips for maintaining your landscape in Florida’s temperamental climate.


Don’t Waste that Water

Even though Florida receives a good amount of rain every year, you will probably experience dry spells during late spring and fall. According to the University of Florida, turfgrasses typically require irrigation at least once a week to maintain quality. On sandy soils, some grasses may need to be irrigated at least two days a week to ensure acceptable quality. Knowing what type of soil your lawn is laid on will help determine the frequency you need to water.

But how much water does your lawn actually need? Just follow the three fourths rule. Try putting out empty cans on your lawn and turn on your sprinklers for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes is up, see how much water is in the cans. If it’s less than 3/4ths full, run your sprinklers for longer. More than 3/4ths full, try watering for less time.


Timing is Everything

The early bird gets the worm…or in this case the best lawn. Watering your lawn in the early morning hours maximizes your landscaping efforts. According to the University of Florida, watering during the day wastes water to evaporation; and watering in the late afternoon or morning can be detrimental as it extends a lawn’s “dew period” – which can lead to disease.


Pick the Right Turf

This may seem obvious but choosing the right type of grass for your lawn can have huge time and money saving benefits for you. Depending on where your house is located in the state of Florida, and the direction it faces, you may want to alter the type of turf you have. The two most popular types of lawn at the moment are Zoysia grass and St.Augustine. Zoysia grass is a much softer grass than St.Augustine and likes full sun and lots of rain. St.Augustine grass performs better in shaded areas and is more drought tolerant than Zoysia; however this type of grass is more prone to pest and disease problems.

Does your property get loads of direct sun and you’re looking for that lush, golf green aesthetic? Then Zoysia turf might be for you. If you’re in shadier part of Florida, or just want something a bit more low maintenance, than St.Augustine grass may be the better choice.



Maintain your Irrigation System

Your lawn depends heavily on the irrigation system that you use, so if something is wrong with your system, your lawn will quickly begin to suffer. Although irrigation system installers are not required to be licensed in every county in Florida, it is important to choose a company that you trust as a poorly installed system will only lead to more trouble down the road. According to the University of Florida, even when properly installed, it is vital to have your irrigation system regularly serviced in order to prevent clogs, damages, leaks or other problems. Making sure your irrigation system is running properly will not only make your lawn happy, it will make your wallet happy as well!



Maintaining your lawn in Florida is a difficult task even in the best of circumstances, so why not contact the professionals at Cutters Edge? With years of experience working in the landscaping industry, our team is fully licensed and certified  in each county we operate to make sure your landscaping goals are met in a professional and timely manner. Contact us today for a free estimate!