It may be that dreaded time of year again (tax season…ugh), but if there is a silver lining to getting your taxes taken care of, it’s knowing that you may be getting a nice chunk of change back from Uncle Sam. Instead of blowing that money on a cool new gadget or a few nights out on the town, why not invest it instead? These are 4 Ways To Boost Your Property’s Value With Your Tax Return. 

Keep scrolling to read how you can invest that tax return into your property’s landscape to make it pay off big time in the future.

The Greener, The Better!

Improving the look of your commercial property or community doesn’t have to be a complicated task. The first thing that will improve your business’s curb appeal and raise your property value is to keep the grass looking its best. We all know curb appeal matters. Even if your property is immaculate on the inside, if the outside looks a bit worn or shabby it can really affect its value. Simple things can be done to really get that grass looking just right. Raking, aerating, fertilizing, watering, mowing and edging are easy tasks that will produce a yard that your customers, tenants, and visitors will admire.


Having just grass in your commercial property or community can certainly make it easier to maintain but it will make your grounds look plain and unappealing.  Adding some color and a variety of plants and flower can cause a huge positive impact in the way that tenants, customers or potential buyers look at your property.

It is important that before you decide to integrate some variations of plants, trees or flowers to your grounds you get an expert landscape designer to help you plan and execute the perfect combination that will complement your budget, maintenance requirements and environment.

Plan It Out

The biggest mistake you can make as a property owner or property manager when it comes to landscaping is to not have a plan. Most people put a plant here, add a tree there and ultimately end up with a landscape that looks a bit messy and piecemeal. Investing in a professional team to come in and put together a bespoke plan for your property will pay off big time in the future.  It’s best if you choose plants that are not just visually appealing, but hardy, low-maintenance, and seasonally balanced as well.

Outdoor Common Area

Regarding the exterior of your business or community grounds, having good looking grass isn’t all that customers, employees, tenants or prospective buyers look for. Having an attractive outdoor space is a giant added value and a sure way to raise the price of your property.

If your commercial space doesn’t have an outdoor seating area, you want to consider adding one if possible. Outdoor seating areas are a great investment because they return more value than the amount of money that it costs to have them installed.

No matter what your tax return looks like this year, it’s a wise choice to invest it in your property and add value. If you do decide to improve your property’s landscape, the professionals at Cutters Edge are happy to speak with you about how they can make your picture perfect outdoor a reality.